Her cold finger
Slid right along my spine
A shiver went through me
And I closed my eyes
Not to meet hers
My eyelids fell down
But I couldn’t see the darkness
I screamed out the name of God
like a sinner battling for his soul
She’s put her rigid arms around me
And pulled without any effort
Like I was a flawless little doll
Whose eyes never looked
And lips never moved
I gave in and I’ve let her possess me
I could feel her
Spreading through my shaking body
Running through my vains
Freezing the tips of my fingers
She overpowered me completely
And I didn’t even put on a fight
I opened my eyes
Just to look into hers
Victorious eyes of Fear.


Hi there!!

A brand new blog by a not so brand new (27 years of age) amateur writer. Quite curious about the outcome of this seemingly small but oh so big experiment. Im completely new to this world of blogging and this would be my first attempt of sharing what has always been just my own. I’ll try to post as much of my work as possible and would appreciate any kind of comments or opinions. Happy blogging everyone!! xxx