In the jar of monotony I fell in so deep

Forgot how it feels to hold loving hand

Never stood still since I left my homeland

So far from loved ones my heart fell asleep

Did not want the pain, did not want to weep

My dream fell apart, that’s not what I planned

Never intended to build castles in the sand

I struggled I battled I started to creep


Now I still yearn but I found my way

I found what I needed I relieved my pain

I know I am on the right track today

I’m brought back to life, I’m hopeful again

Where I am right now I will always stay

Thanks to you my friends – Happy I’ll remain



7 thoughts on “Longing

  1. …as an ex-patriot i appreciate your poetry…there is a proverb in czech…learn a new language, get a new hart…one cannot grow backwards….i am happy to be undutchably unamerican…further up & futher in….^^~~~~~

    do you know apollinaire, mademoiselle?

    “Voici des fruits, des fleurs, des feuilles et des branches…”

    je suis povrette et ancienne

    although we once gave you a gilded rose
    we do not love you as such but something
    more than death distills from our velvet lips
    such fragrance requires subtle harmony

    qui rien ne sçay

    love as we are is not a solitaire
    gem but a chemical star melting midnight
    whose hips birth both full moons and crimson tides
    the tight scent of musk igniting stardust

    je suis povrette et ancienne

    although you once shattered my diamond snake
    we love you not for such but for nothing
    less than what unfurls from your sordid kiss
    such naiveté suckles dark mendacity

    qui rien ne sçay

    whose hand is it resting on this vacant chest
    if not yours then our children remain unblest
    we are not if we forget apollinaire

    “Sois sage, ô ma doleur, et tiens-toi plus tranquille…”

    mark emmanuel christopher valentine
    (© 22 november 201

  2. Mon,
    Leaving the safe, comfortable, and familiar is always difficult, and longing for those comforts is only natural and human but having the courage to overcome the fears of losing those things, (which you never do) is courageous and commendable. I enjoyed your writing style, and the depth of emotion with which you write.

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