Mountain Dew


Is nowhere here

Or is here nowhere?

The absolute silence is almost painful

And I can hear my breath cutting

The fresh morning air

That at the dawn is so sharp

It can virtually wound my cold skin

It seems like the place is dead

But only most sensitive

And most intuitive ears

Can hear the lively sound of Earth

And if you listen closely

You will discover the secrets

Hidden underneath the peaceful exterior

The whispering of the mighty Trees

Gossiping about the awoken Sun

Determined to find its way

Between thick protective branches

A narrow mountain Torrent

Flowing fast and briskly

Smacking all the Rocks and Stones

Across their sad little faces

Trying to bring them back to life

Drops of the mountain Dew

Hanging uinsteadily from the railing

Of an old wooden bridge

Scared of drowning

In the ominous waves of the River

Almost ready to fall

But not just yet

And last but not least

Tip of the majestic Mountain

Reigning over its fellows

Creasing its forehead as

Lashed by the ruthless Wind

And desperately trying to hide

In the soft layer of blushing Clouds

One lonely Falcon

Flying in circles

And looking for answers

To all the questionnes

That haven’t even been asked yet

Feels like I’ve been watching him forever

But only a minute have gone by

Is now the time

Or is the time now?

I breathe in quietly

Scared to interrupt

Nature’s morning routine

In my head

There are answers

And I’m not affraid

To look deeper and further

As for the first time

In a significant amount of time

I hear

I feel

I want

I love

And I am